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Math & Cognitive Skills

Our Magic Mountain program provides opportunities for integrated Math & Cognitive Skill development throughout each child’s day. Free Play stations and our ‘In House’ Pre-School Programs engage children and encourage the development of foundational cognitive learning skills such as memory, critical thinking, problem solving and processing. Children learn to evaluate, analyze, make comparisons and understand cause and effect. As they grow they learn about patterns, quantities, the abstract skill of matching numerals to quantities and then eventually basic arithmetic.

Language & Literacy

Parents can rest assured that we will build on the literacy skills that the children are learning at home. Oral language development and listening skills are promoted through story time, finger plays, poetry, songs and positive verbal interactions with caregivers and friends. Effective, differentiated instruction is provided as the children are introduced to print concepts and the alphabetic code through phonemic awareness. We celebrate as each child gradually masters these foundational skills and is eager to develop literary fluency.

Practical Life & Self- Regulation

As children receive nurturing support from home and childcare they will develop practical life and self-regulation skills. By establishing daily routines and through positive and reliable relationships, caregivers offer the children opportunities to develop mental flexibility, a working memory and self-control.  Everything from potty training for the Toddlers to teaching 3 & 4 year olds to dress independently are part of our day. Activities promoting task initiation followed by planning and organizing their tasks as well as clean up duty are encouraged and monitored to ensure positive growth, responsibility and eventual independence.

Social & Emotional

Emotional development lays the groundwork for social development and enjoying successful relationships. Learning to constructively deal with emotions is a fundamental challenge for all children. Positive social interactions in a safe environment with consistent, nurturing care ensures that our children have opportunities for social and emotional growth every day. Through active engagement with friends and caregivers they share in meaningful experiences, successfully navigate new challenges and develop meaningful friendships.

Physical Development & Wellness

At Magic Mountain we are all about being ACTIVE! Enabled by our incredible facility, with its huge outdoor and indoor playgrounds plus our large indoor gyms, we take physical development and wellness to a whole new level. Children have ample time to run and play each day and to participate in organized activities and sports that teach, promote and track those ever important gross motor and team work skills! Through our Healthy Habits Nutrition Program and accompanying menu, our children’s physical development and wellness take on a leading role within our program!

Creative Expression

Creative expression allows children to communicate feelings and ideas through art, music, drama, literacy, free play and even math and science. Expressions of creativity can be found everywhere. For example, when children create artwork or design a block city every step involves making decisions and solving problems. As those choices are made they experience a sense of satisfaction with their creations. Our role, as caregivers is to provide children with materials and opportunities to create and celebrate success with our little artists.

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