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Interactive Science & Math Stations

We encourage children to explore their surroundings through interactive Science & Math Stations. Within our Discovery Zone children become immersed in the world of science, technology and mathematics. They investigate, predict, create and evaluate their world through project and inquiry based learning as well as sensory exploration. The complexity of circuits, the fascination of magnetism, the wonder of ecosystems… the world of Science & Math awaits them within our Discovery Zones!

Creative Arts Centres

Our Discovery Zones are equipped with multiple centres specifically designed to encourage each child’s creative expression. In our Fashion & Design Centre children learn about various fabrics, ribbons and lace as they cut, pin and create fashion masterpieces to display on our mannequins for all to admire. Or they can choose to explore our very popular Stop Motion Animation Technology Centres where they learn of the amazing world of animation and have the opportunity to create their very own animated movies!

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Building Workshops

No Discovery Zone would be complete without Building Workshops where children have the opportunity to work with friends or independently to plan and build. They can choose to build with the famous Kapla wood blocks, or with the Giant Blue Imagination Playground. If they prefer, they can head over to the Materials Workshop where a variety of materials awaits their creative building skills. In the Take Apart Workshop they can safely explore the inner workings of a variety of mechanical or technical items such as toasters or computers.

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