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Parent Portal

Click HERE to log into the parent portal. In it you can update emergency pick up contacts as well as personal and financial information. You can also view your child's daily reports, photos, calendar and more!

Magic Mountain Family Discounts

Magic Mountain families can get various discounts around town from reputable children's community partners such as martial arts, dance studios etc. Below is a listing of all the community programs that offer a discount in their pricing and other benefits, to our families. Check back regularly, as we will be continually adding more programs that wish to give special offers to Magic Mountain families. 

Some of these organizations will offer children's programs during daycare hours and are even able to transport from the daycare to their program and back. Parents love the idea of having their children take dance class or karate during the day so that when they get home from work, they can just focus on quality time with their little one. If your a Magic Mountain family, all you need to do is let your Director know in writing that you give permission for a specific authorized pick up person from the program you have signed up for, to transport your child from /to the daycare,  The Director will then update your profile in our system accordingly.  

Alavanca Airdrie Flyer.jpg

At Kumon, Magic Mountain families can input the below code to receive $25 off their enrollment.

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