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Announcing May 9th’s Amazon Card Winner

#workingmommoment #workingdadmoment

We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day weekend! Being a parent is truly the best job on Earth:) We, too, feel blessed to get to know your little ones, and be a part of their childhood experience. Although we've missed them during this Covid shutdown, we've really enjoyed watching all of their creations roll in. It brightens our day to see what your little 'co-workers' have made with you! We did our first draw this weekend for the $100 Amazon Gift Card, and the winner was Malini Gonsalves! We hope that the Gonsalves Family will enjoy their gift card:) We look forward to conducting more prize draws over the next couple of weeks; Keep up the great work, and stay healthy and happy Everyone!

All the best, Your Magic Mountain Team

To participate in this week's contest:

1) Go to our site and subscribe to receive our daily 15 minute activities:

2) Make a public post of your family enjoying one of the activities from the week, while tagging Magic Mountain. Also tag #workingmommoment


3) On the weekend, we will draw a name and send them a $100 amazon e-card

*Must be an Airdrie (or area) resident to participate!

We love feedback- send us a message.

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