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#Magic Moments- The Balloon Tree!

We hope you all enjoy one of our very favourite story books from our childhood!

Materials: YouTube, a water or pop bottle, vinegar, a funnel, baking soda and a balloon.

Main Learning Outcomes: Developing fine motor skills, science concepts and early literacy skills.


(1) First, cuddle up with your child to read the story, “The Balloon Tree” by Phoebe Gilman. If you don’t have the book at home, you can listen to it by following this link:

(2) Now it’s time to conduct a fun science experiment! Follow this link for all of the directions and pictures:

Tips: Children of all ages will love to watch what happens, and they can all help you with the directions. With older children, I encourage you to ask them predictive questions (“What do you think will happen when….?).

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