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#Magic Moments - Discover the Rainbow!

A bit of sunshine lifts everyone’s mood! Get your little ones crafting and create this beautiful sun and rainbow.

Materials: A paper plate, yellow paint, rainbow coloured tissue paper, black marker (or black paint!), a paint brush, Scissors, Glue

Main Learning Outcomes: Developing fine motor skills and early literacy skills


(1) Start by sitting down and reading ‘Curious George Discovers the Rainbow’. If you don’t have this book, listen along on Youtube

(2) Start out by cutting the paper plate in half, (keep

little fingers out of the way of scissors!)

(3) Paint your sunshine with yellow paint, once done leave it aside to dry.

(4) Cut even sized strips of your different coloured tissue paper. Make these as long as you like.

(5) Once your paint is dry, use the marker or black paint to draw on a smiley sunny face.

(6) Turn over your sun and add on some glue to the bottom edge.

Stick down your strips of tissue paper, either in rainbow order, or however you think looks best.

You’re all finished!

Tips: If you'd like you can glue some string to the top to hang your sunshine outside, and watch as the rainbow strips flutter in the wind.

Stay tuned for more fun crafts!

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