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#Working [Mom/Dad] Moment- Green Eggs & Ham!

Here’s a chance for the children to add some colour to the yard…

Materials: YouTube, tin can, ribbon (or strips of old fabric), string, glue and paint.

Main Learning Outcomes: Developing fine motor skills, creativity and early literacy skills.


(1) First, gather together with your child to read the story, “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. If you don’t have the book at home, you can listen to it by following this link:

(2) For this craft, start by painting or decoration the can. Then cut the ribbon onto 30-45 cm strips and glue the pieces of ribbon in the inside of the can. Lastly, attach a string or another ribbon to both sides of the top (actually the bottom) of the can to hang it. Hang it in a tree or another space outside for it to catch the wind.

Tips: The young ones will need help with the glue, but can easily decorate the can!

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