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#Working [Mom/Dad] Moment- Pete the Cat!

Here’s a fun one that your children will sing along to…

Materials: YouTube, water colour paper or cardstock, water colour paint or diluted paint, paintbrushes, painter’s tape.

Main Learning Outcomes: Developing fine motor skills, creativity and early literacy skills.


(1) First, find a place to sit together with your child to read the story, “Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes”, by Eric Litwin. If you don’t have the book at home, you can listen to it by following this link:

(2) For this easy craft, encourage your child to place pieces of painter’s tape all over their paper in whatever design they wish. Then with your watercolour paint or diluted paint, paint in the spaces left behind. Allow your artwork to dry. Once dry, carefully peel off the painter’s tape.

Tips: Try this on your driveway but with sidewalk chalk instead of paint!

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