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Daily Feedback & Communication

Effective communication between parents and teachers is essential to the well being of every child. As such we ensure all our avenues of communication remain clear, simple and consistent. Daily communication at pick up and drop off times and checking the Parent Message Board are quick and easy ways for parents to stay informed. For our littlest ones, parents also receive a personalized journal entry each day!

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Monthly Newsletters

Each month, parents receive a detailed centre and home room newsletter to keep them informed of all the upcoming themes, events and other important information. Everything from simple reminders of our Father’s Day Root Beer or Craft Nights to special guests, monthly themes, preschool topics and more are organized and presented for convenient review in our monthly newsletters!

Progress Reports

Tracking the progress of each child is essential to ensuring they are meeting all those important developmental milestones and academic progression. We take this responsibility seriously and so each October, February and June, our teachers send home individual Progress Reports to update our daycare parents on how their child is doing developmentally and academically in our program.

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