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Fitness Instruction & Tracking

In addition to morning and afternoon gym outdoor and indoor playground time, Magic Mountain kids receive at least 30 minutes of dedicated Fitness Instruction daily. Our Fitness Instructors track and communicate each child’s progress through regular progress reports.

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Sports & Gross Motor Gym

It’s no secret that kids love to move! At Magic Mountain, we design our facility around physical activity with well-stocked indoor gyms. Our Sports Gym is designed to engage children in games, sports and large motor activities. Children learn sportsmanship and team work as well as having that essential time to run around and get out all those heebie-jeebies!

Dance & Movement

No freezing cold weather is going to slow down our kids!! Our gyms are used for Dance and Movement. Children receive dance and movement instruction along with opportunities to make up their own games and activities with their friends. Our children have a blast, twirling ribbons, learning routines, patterns and having just plain fun!

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