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Early Literacy

Fostering a love of learning through literacy is a key component of our Magic Mountain program. Children can choose from a variety of age appropriate books and cozy up with friends in the Literacy Centre for some shared reading. The is a great place to follow along with their favorite stories.

Our literacy centres also contain games and activities designed to encourage social interaction as early literacy skills are developed.

Caregivers encourage verbal expression by listening and responding positively to the children in their care.

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Creative Arts & Dramatic Play

Creative expression through art and music enhances learning and is fun for children. We provide a variety of art mediums and materials to enable them to make fabulous ‘creations’ which are celebrated and displayed. During free play time, children can dance to their own beat using instruments in the music centre or sing along with their favorite songs.

Dramatic play is also an integral part of a child’s development allowing them to use their vivid imaginations and natural creativity. They have adventures role-playing with friends, using prop boxes and building materials in a variety of dramatic play centres.

Discovery Centres

A healthy environment for discovery through play is provided in multiple discovery stations in each homeroom. Children can engage in fine motor or manipulative activities (like puzzles and Lego), which are crucial for the development of early math skills. They may choose activities such as water play and sensory tables full of sand, goo or other materials.

The children also develop various practical life skills such as pouring and measuring, latching, lacing, zipping and buttoning.

By providing a variety of natural things (like pine cones) and specifically prepared items (like pegboards) caregivers challenge children to investigate, interact and nurture their inherent curiosity.

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