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Nutritious & Child Approved Menu

Delicious and Nutritious!!

Our Healthy Habits Nutrition Program is one of the ways we’re helping Active Minds & Bodies grow. Our Nutritionist- Certified breakfasts, lunches & snacks have also undergone the most rigorous taste testing of the food critic industry…. our children! That’s right, we ensure that the children in our care have tested and taste approved each and every meal before it is made part of our menu! Each meal and snack is tasty, nut-free, made with fresh ingredients and nutritionally balanced.

We prepare our food on site and the vast majority is made ‘from scratch’ by qualified cooks.  Our modern kitchens are spacious and well equipped with ample storage in the kitchen as well as a separate storage room. 

After an active morning and as it gets closer to lunchtime the aroma of freshly cooked, yummy food is in the air. It is no surprise that our kids are ready and excited to sit down with their caregivers and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal!

Click HERE to download our sample menu.

Allergy Sensitive & Health Habits

As an allergy-sensitive and nut-free facility, we work with parents to ensure their children’s dietary needs are met.

Our menu is carefully planned and we select ingredients and prepare food that are nut free.

Caregivers are made aware of any allergy that a child has and allergy lists are posted in each room and recorded in room binders.  All our staff are educated to recognize symptoms of allergic reactions and receive annual training on the administration of epinephrine. Lead caregivers integrate into their program Healthy Habits lessons for all the children so they can understand why their friends cannot have certain foods or other allergy related limitations.

Medication and Health policies are designed to ensure that children properly receive prescribed medication from qualified caregivers. Medication administration is carefully documented and available for parents to review.

Each room is equipped with its own refrigerator to ensure that milk and other perishables are kept fresh by limiting the amount of time that they are out of refrigeration. 

More information on this topic is found in our Parent Handbook. 

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Safe & Secure Facility 

At Magic Mountain we practice a thorough and comprehensive culture of Safety and Security.

We ensure that our facility, equipment and toys are safe and clean. As with all licensed daycare facilities, we are approved and monitored by Licensing, Health and Safety as well as the Fire and Safety Inspectors. We ensure that furniture, equipment and toys are safe and well maintained. Even our outdoor playclimber is custom designed and built to ensure safety.

We follow a strict regime of cleaning toys, equipment, and our facility. Our children are also taught to practice good hygiene and staff is dedicated to ensuring the children’s safety, security and health.

Every member of our staff is qualified in Early Childhood Education and is trained in accordance to Magic Mountain policies and procedures. Each staff member is required to have a background check, current criminal record check and First Aid Certification. We also have a comprehensive volunteer screening policy.

Incident, accident and illness reports are carefully documented and sensitively administered.

Summer fun means taking time to apply sunscreen every day and insect repellent as required. 

Security systems require codes or fobs provided to parents for entry into the centre. Our child pick up policy is strictly enforced to ensure only those who have clearance are allowed to pick up children from our care.

More information on this topic is found in our Parent Handbook. 

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