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Large Indoor Playgrounds

Our expansive Indoor Playclimbers are sure to delight both young and old alike! The Playclimbers offers an innovative solution to inclement weather conditions, as children have the opportunity to climb, jump, tag and slide on it each day, no matter the weather!

Huge Outdoor Playgrounds

Our playgrounds are constructed with open-ended play in mind! Our Naturescapes Playground covers an impressive outdoor area, and feature imagination-based elements such as outdoor building blocks, log obstacles, jumping rocks, hills, tunnels, trees, gardens, and other natural-materials. We have also taken care to provide a separate age appropriate outdoor Naturescapes Playground for our toddlers and infants.


Toddler Indoor Playgrounds

Our littlest kiddos also need Active playtime every day and sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate! For this reason, most of our centres are equipped with a separate indoor playground specially designed for our toddlers and infants to play, explore and develop their ever important gross motor skills.

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